custom work on clockion

05-Sep-2020 07:31:32


i have purchased clockion from codecanyon and i like it very much but not confident with such scripts.

I would need a custom work on the "form-submit" page if possible.

I own a website with membership and i would like put the script on the member dashboard so

that when people login see a message (an advertising) that last for 15 seconds and only after this time they will be able to close the modal window and access the member area...possible?

It should work like this:

A member log-in the system and see the dashboard on the background but an advertising modal popus should

show the an ad (that i will produce) before being able to close the modal.

Let me know if you are willing to do it and how much would you charge.



06-Sep-2020 17:45:34


Sorry for the late reply

About your request, you can contact me via the link below to discuss more and order custom work:

Kind regards,