Direct Link possible?

16-Jul-2015 10:24:51


I want to have a directlink to another page in the footer.

Is this possible?

Regards Rappi

17-Jul-2015 06:28:54

Hi Rappi,

You can add a url link into a main button in the bar. Try this way:

In HTML, you need to create a link button with the same code below:

<!-- Start OpenFooter Button -->

<a href="add-your-url-here" target="_blank" class="of-button of-disable texthover-bluelight">

<span class="of-bt-icon"><i class="fa fa-link"></i></span>

<span class="of-bt-title">External Link</span>


<!-- End OpenFooter Button -->

The "of-disable" class in the above code is used to stop the plugin function.

Then, you need to make a little change in "" file. In the Javascript file you need to find the line (in the downloaded file it may be at line 187):


Replace it by:


That's it. You can save changed files and refresh your browser to test.


17-Jul-2015 08:40:46


Thanks for this solution!


17-Jul-2015 09:23:46

You are welcome. Enjoy!