facebook auth problem

09-May-2018 03:56:25

Hi, for a while I can no longer make the plugin work with facebook, I always get the error: ".1 Graph returned an error: Unable to load the URL: The domain of this URL is not included in the app domains To be able to upload this URL, add all the domains and subdomains of your app to the App domains field in your app settings. " but the domain is inserted. What can it be? it only happens for a few days, before everything worked.

09-May-2018 21:53:10


It seems Facebook has been made changes on their system/API. I will check this issue and fix it soon.

Thank you for your reporting.


10-May-2018 18:51:31

Hi Sistemia,

I updated new version to fix Facebook login error. Now, you can download it here: Documentation