Facebook Error

16-May-2015 04:14:01


I have an error when a user login with Facebook:

Die App-Einstellungen lassen die angegebene URL nicht zu.: Eine oder mehrere URLs sind in den Einstellungen der App nicht zugelassen. Sie müssen mit der Webseiten-URL oder der Canvas-URL übereinstimmen, oder die Domäne muss eine Unterdomäne von einer der App-Domänen sein.


The app settings allow the specified URL not .: One or more URLs are not allowed in the settings of the app. You must comply with the web page URL or Canvas URL, or domain must be a subdomain of one of the app domains be.

In the FB App settings the domain is insert with and without "www." But I don't find the Canvas-URL in the FB Settings...

What's wrong?

Regards Rappi

16-May-2015 06:33:23


As the message, it seems you set URLs that are not allowed. I am not sure this issue. I think you should try to contact Facebook support to get help because it's related to Facebook settings.