how to set alignment of the itemshow

29-Jun-2017 16:54:21

Dear support team,

I want to set the alignment and appearance of the itemshow, would you give advices to the followings:

1. how to set the position (top and left offset) of the itemshow in my webpage?

2. how to set the size (width and/or height) of the itemshow? I have tried to change the width value in the css files, but in vain.

3. how to make the left and right arrows visible? I have tried to set the data-navkey "on", but still couldn't see the arrows.

4. is there anyway to make a double rows itemshow? I have tried to put two itemshow structures in the same container.

Altought it make a double rows itemshow, but the navigation arrows are not integrated and there is a big gap between the upper and lower itemshow structures.

Best regards,


01-Jul-2017 04:52:36

Hi Bryan,

1+2. Itemshow position and size are based on the container so if you want to set posision and size for Itemshow you just modify the container style.

3. The navigaton buttons (left and right) are controlled by "isc-prevbt" and "isc-nextbt" classes. You can use CSS to modify these classes as what you want (like: add arrow images...). You can check "demo-3" to see style I set for these classes.

4. At this time, items in Itemshow are just displayed on one row. If you want to display multi rows you have to add many itemshow structure like I did in "demo-1" and use CSS to style and remove space between them.

If you still have any problem you can give me a demo link I will check it for you.