Longer content lays on top of my footer and runs off the page

26-Apr-2023 14:08:03

I have 2 tabs of longer content and it runs over my footer and off the page. What do I need to do to make sure the page length adjusts based on the content length and still retains space for my footer?

I have a screen shot if you need to see what's happening and could take a video if needed.

26-Apr-2023 20:07:48

Hi HeatherH,

Could you please give me screen shots or demo url of your issues?

Kind regards,

27-Apr-2023 07:51:38

Sure, he's a demo page so you can see what is happening to the footer:


Thank you!

27-Apr-2023 15:51:37

In your case, there are two ways you can try:

1. Increase the height of the tabion id.

2. You can set a fixed height for the tab content and set "overflow-y:auto" to scroll the content if it longer than the tab content block.

Kind regards,