Need to install on a PHP CMS

15-Dec-2019 10:58:24

I need to install on a PHP CMS that uses .tpl files. I would like to know how it can be installed. I tried and I was unsuccessful. Your demos are even in php. It would be useful if you add some information on how to do this on PHP or add some example files. to the documentation. I am not able to get it to work even though I think I am doing the right things.

20-Dec-2019 13:16:11

Hi Vidderman,

This plugin is just HTML, CSS and Javascript so, technically, you can integrate it into PHP files without problem as you do with HTML files. However, I don't know about your CMS so I can't give exactly instruction Usually, you need to find and modify your CMS theme file (it should be a PHP file) to include all necessary files and add HTML structure snippet like I wrote in my docs.

Kind regards,