One Slider Effect Issues

20-Jul-2015 12:43:53


Is it possible to stop effects on content and image ? I mean take this scenarios 1) When I click on next prev, just for fraction of 3-4 seconds there is blank screen and than comes the image with content from left or right as per nav control. 2) When I click on thumbs image shows instantly but content shows after some fade effect so here also for fraction of seconds content area is blank and than content comes up.

Can you please let me know what changes might be required.

Thanks Shalin

20-Jul-2015 15:30:06


If you want to reduce time of effects you can try to change effects of image backgrounds and contents in HTML code: data-bgefin="fade" for images, data-cefin="fade" and data-cefout="fade" for short content in slides.

Than, reduce the time to run effects by reducing values of "data-bgdurin", "data-cdurin" and "data-cdurout". Example: you can change values to 1. By this way, contents in slides will show immediately when you click on thumbnails.

For Next and Prev functions, because of these functions use sliding effect so it still require litle time to run effects. To change the time of these effects you need to edit "" file. You can search "ShowSlideBg" function and find the line like this:

if ( $move == 'next' ) {


else if ( $move == 'prev' ) {



Than, change two $BgDurationIn values to 1. You also need to change effect time in NextSlide() and PrevSlide() functions. Just search these functions and find lines:


than change them to:


Done. You can save the "" file and refresh you (Make sure your site is including "" not "oneslider.min.js").

Hope this can help you solve your issue.

P.S: I see you have not updated your purchase code, please add your purchase code to your account. It will give you higher priority to get support.

Kind regards.

21-Jul-2015 01:35:50


Thanks for the prompt reply really appreciate.

Excellent solution which you provided and it works as expected with the slides, but just one scenario where I think while clicking "Next and "Prev"" and clicking on thumbs, images and content blinks into the eyes can we have smooth navigation so that it does not blink ??

And where should I add purchase code ??



21-Jul-2015 06:42:37


If you want to run effects smooth you can try to increase the effect time.

In HTML, you can change values of "data-bgdurin", "data-cdurin" and "data-cdurout", just find the best value for you.

In Javascript, you can try to change the values in lines:


and values of $BgDurationIn (like the above post).

About the license, you can add here:

Kind regards.