Only name and id are available in fb returned array?

03-Mar-2017 12:33:36

Hi! I'm testing the social login on localhost but I'm only getting the id and name data, is it because of localhost testing? Do I need to make it live to recieve all the data? By the way, when is the new update coming? Facebook recently updated the sdk. this script is really useful :)

04-Mar-2017 06:05:50


About returned data, I think it depends on user settings. Social platforms just provide us user's public information. However, you should try to upload the plugin on a live site to test it.

At this time, I am busy with other projects so I can't be sure about new update. When I have free time I will check new APIs and update it if necessary.


05-Mar-2017 14:43:45

Hi! I found this on stackoverflow for fixing the returned data problem:

06-Mar-2017 05:41:45

Thanks. I will check it soon.