Open Panel Dynamic Content

17-Jan-2016 11:28:15

Hi, I bought Open Panels Anywhere. What I want to do; On the product page, select the product, I want to open in the panel.

For example, product.asp? Id = 12100, product.asp? Id = 12101 etc.How do I do that, I could not find sample code. I need very urgent. I'm waiting for your help. Thank you

18-Jan-2016 08:13:33


You can try to get "Id" value and then set it for "autoPanel" param when you call the plugin. At this time, I do not use asp so I do not know exactly way to get url param values (in PHP, we use $_GET).


<script type="text/javascript">







When the plugin is called, it will auto open a panel that has id="id-value".

Kind regards.