tabion linking question

12-Feb-2015 21:18:27


is it possible to turn one of the tabion tabs into a regular link? the reason I ask is because I am attempting to implement an onbeforeunload function into my page and I want to be able to warn people if they're leaving the page. and it seems not to work with tabion because it disappears the content before asking the question. For this instance I have some panels working in the same page with tabion and I've edited one of the tabs with an id to let me assign a function to its click event to change document.location.href and go to another page. I would prefer to be able to make the tabion tab just a link to the other page so I can then also implement the onbeforeunload without having tabion disappear the content in the existing tab.



12-Feb-2015 23:39:28

Hi Hugh,

If you want to make a tab button do your own function and go to another page by clicking you need to disable its main feature (loading content). Just remove the "tabbt" class of the button. After removing "tabbt" class, the button's CSS style may be changed so you need to create a new class with the same style of "tabbt" class and adding it into the button.

Kind regards.