Twitter error in console

16-May-2015 04:46:26


My Chrome console shows the following error:

Received message of type object from, expected a string


The login is working!

What it mean?

Regards Rappi

16-May-2015 07:28:03

When did you get the error? Before or after loging in?

It appeared on Chrome only or all browsers?

16-May-2015 12:18:45


The error come before login and is in all browsers the same (IE, Chrome, Opera, Firefox)

I can send you the URL in an email because the project is in development.

16-May-2015 14:46:22

I checked you url. The issue is not related the social auth plugin. I think it is related your addthis plugin, you should try to remove addthis widget and try again.

17-May-2015 03:39:33

Hi again.

You're right! The problem is Addthis :-(

I will try the buttons manualy and than we will see...